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“Our community deserves a leader and advocate who will ensure our ideas and opinions are part of the decision making process.” - Kelvin

Public Safety 

Every resident deserves to live in a safe and sound community where each life is valued, respected and protected from crime.  The right to be safe in our persons and possessions must be respected and upheld throughout our community. As commissioner, Kelvin plans to partner with local organizations, faith based institutions, violence interruptor programs, MPD and behavior health services 


Economic Investment

Economic investment East of the River (EOTR) has been stagnant at best. Every tax payer deserves the same fundamental amenities and benefits afforded to communities across the river. As a single member district we have to hold our elected officials accountable to delivering results such as quality grocery, sit down restaurants, safe roads/infrastructure, job training programs, etc. to name a few. 


Affordable Housing

Access to safe, affordable and quality housing is a fundamental human/social justice issues. Over the past ten years Kelvin has personally managed programs to increase minority homeownership rates in DC and across the nation. As commissioner, Kelvin plans to use his experience in the housing sector to advocate for stronger homeowner protections, stabilizing rents, rapid rehousing for homeless persons, and ensure we have adequate protections for seniors and disabled veterans. 


Civic Engagement 

Only through active civic engagement will we improve our neighborhoods, protect our residents, ensure resources are flowing to our communities and improve our education system. Kelvin understands this and will continue working on behalf of all our neighbors to put our community first. 



Education is the great equalizer! All residents deserve access to high quality educational opportunities beginning from K-3 through higher ed. Access to equitable funding and resource availability is key to future outcomes and community success. We must invest in our futures - starting with education. 

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